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We offer a wide variety of Human Resource Services in the Mansfield,  Central, and North Central Ohio Areas.


Are your human resource documents in order? Does your team know proper records retention? Auditing your human resource function is just as vital as auditing your books. HR Outfitters offers a wide range of audits for your organization. We carefully screen your source material and provide recommendations based on industry best practices and employment law.  Whether it is an I-9 audit to identify and correct errors or a full human resource process audit, we can guide you on your journey to HR success. 

Coaching and Counseling

Have you ever had an employee who has great potential yet doesn’t quite understand how the company values accountability? Employees need to understand the expectations of your organization. Some are able to recognize and adapt to these expectations on their own. Others require guidance. Understanding, initiating and documenting employee interactions is/are industry best practices when dealing with employee relations. Preparing your team to properly administer coaching, counseling and feedback pays dividends in multiple situations. HR Outfitters provides foundational support to your leadership team to manage this process. We are available to guide you through the maze of employee relations, discipline and discharge.

Performance Management

Do you regularly communicate with employees regarding their job performance? Do you have a system in place to communicate the organizations expectations? If not, we can assist you in developing a performance management system that is right for your organization. Establishing a performance evaluation system that regularly communicates with employees helps to boost morale, improve employee engagement, assists in correcting behaviors and serves to shorten your yearly review process.  Employees appreciate knowing what they do well, where they can improve and how to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Compliance Assistance 

Navigating the sea of employment law can be challenging at best.  What seems applicable in one instance, does not necessarily apply in every situation.  Often times, employers are faced with conflicting information from governmental authorities.  HR Outfitters can assist you in understanding the requirements and developing a logical action plan based on your company’s policies and employment law.

Employee Lifecycle/Recruiting

Does your onboarding and orientation process engage new employees?  Or is it viewed as a necessary evil?  Is employee communication a challenge?  Treating candidates and employees with respect, providing them with up-to-date information is critical to maximizing your investment.  Whether it’s hiring for that difficult position, getting a new employee up to speed  or letting current employees know of changes in policies and procedures, HR Outfitters provides a comprehensive approach to managing the employee life cycle.  We work with your management team and employees to utilize an open-door approach to finding challenging solutions.

People Management

Do your supervisors understand how to manage employees?  Or are they been top performers, promoted because they did the job well?  Do you have a plan in place to help your employees succeed?  Good employee relations keep the peace in an organization, great employee relations continuously improve to move your team forward.  Relationships with employees can be difficult to manage at times. Developing foundational relationships built on trust and integrity can be the difference between resolution and losing an employee.  HR Outfitters will work with you and your team to build these relationships. And, should an employee complaint arise that needs to be investigated, we will conduct a thorough in house investigation, report the results and recommend a course of action based on best practices.


Bears are scary, HR shouldn't be.

Human Resources doesn't have to be as frightening as running from a bear. Think of us as your guide in the office wilderness that is HR. Fill out the contact form below for a no-obligation consultation. 

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