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HR Outfitters is a human resources consulting firm focused on guiding small and nonprofit organizations on the path to human resources success. Launched by Ted Hahn in 2021, HR Outfitters provides an array of services. We can be your HR department or assist existing human resources functions.


He currently holds a Master’s degree in Labor Policy and Human Resources Management from Empire State College and is a SHRM certified professional, SHRM certified people manager and is OSHA- 30 hour certified.   


Ted has worked in the staffing service industry, nonprofit industry (five of the most challenging and rewarding years of his career), manufacturing and agriculture. 


He has facilitated or been an active contributor in major projects such as: HRIS implementations, safety plan development, employee orientations/trainings and auditing.

Ted formed HR Outfitters so the human resource function remains a key contributor when running a business. It needs to understand business objectives while representing employees to allow the organization to make informed decisions. By augmenting existing resources, Ted envisions assisting with the day to day needs of the human resource function with industry best practices in mind.  

Over his 15 years of human resource experiences, Ted recognized the human resource function gets pulled in several directions on a daily basis. When not recruiting, those responsible for the human resource function may be faced with employee relations issues, supervisor assistance or leave management issues. Human resource professionals or those assigned the human resource function simply do not have the necessary time to apply to best practices such as auditing, developing comprehensive job descriptions or updating policies and handbooks. HR Outfitters was created to assist in these and many other areas by focusing on the HUMAN aspect of human resources.


Ted Hahn

Owner, Lead Consultant 

Ted is a graduate of Empire State College and with a Masters degree in Labor Policy and Human Resources Management and is a Society of Human Resources Certified Professional. He has worked in the human resources field for nearly 20 years in a variety of settings and job functions from HR Specialist to Director of Human Resources. He believes treating people with respect and working collaboratively enhances relationships across the organization and drives continuous improvements. Utilizing trust, integrity, communication and collaboration he strives to position the Human Resource function as a tactical and strategic contributor while keeping employees and management engaged.

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